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No response.
“My overlord.”
Still nothing.
Kane had been standing in the doorway for quite some time now. The other man in the room before him had ignored him, which he was accustomed to. Not unusual in the least. Riddick had a tendency to ‘zone out’ while he was working. Kane's words echoed around he room, making his ghostly voice sound all the more strange.
Kane’s long, long black hair moved with even the tiniest air current; it floated and waved like river reeds in the air. Bright, yet somehow dull red eyes gazed out from the chiseled, pale face. His cheekbones appeared sharp enough to cut marble. Kane was tall, thin, lithe. He wore white clothing of some unknown origin, figure-hugging and sleek. The shirt had a low V-neck, extending almost to his chest, which made the very tips of his stripe tattoos--which wrapped around his body from his back--visible against his pale skin. One could see his ribs rise and fall, and his hip bones jutted into the fabric of the trousers. Atop the man’s head were two blunt greyish horns.
As Kane turned to leave Riddick in peace, the other man straightened over the table he stood above.  Icy teal-colored eyes bore into Kane’s own, and Riddick’s thin lips parted in a sort of chuckle. He tugged on the hem of his shirt to straighten it out; it was a simple button-up, teal in color. The sleeves had been rolled past his elbows, and a few buttons had been let out, revealing a well-defined chest and collarbones.
“Kane. How nice.” Riddick had made his way to the high-backed chair beneath a bright overhead light and slunk into it, hoisting one leg onto the arm and propping his elbow on it. The ever-present mocking smile slid across his face again. “Sir, what are we to do about subject Panoramic 03?” Kane inquired, standing stock-still as usual, arms to his sides and fists clenched.
“Mudd?” Riddick waved his hand impatiently, smile still on his face. “He knows too much. Get rid of him. You know the drill.” Kane nodded in response and turned to leave when the overlord called out to him. “Kane, what of Tornadic? How does he fare?”
Kane looked back at Riddick, a thin, small smile on his own lips now. Riddick’s eyes shone brightle, and in them he saw something… odd. Something everyone saw when they looked at the blond-haired man. Something that drew them closer and closer, intrigued and curious.
Kane snapped back to reality.
“The virus has been injected, lord. It appears to have taken effect nicely.”
Riddick grinned again and stood up, the light above him casting onto his face. The bulb swung, casting light onto the table before Riddick. Kane's eyes wandered to the body on the table, long dead. Pale and wide-eyed. Asleep for eternity.
“You have done well, Martyr.”
i cant figure out what he would wear tho
Ameythst Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
I agree with the not wearing clothes for human Kane c;
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